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We'll deliver your wood to you in purpose made barrow bags, with covers, so that you can use the fuel directly from the bag with no stacking required. The bags of wood are quite easily moved by either two adults or by a single adult with a sack barrow.

Sweet chestnut is particularly suited as a wood burner fuel. It can be used on an open fire but a fire guard should be used as the wood can 'spit' whilst burning.

  • approximately 0.3 cubic metres of firewood

  • weighs approximately 65kg

  • very low moisture content - usually between 15 and 20%

  • delivery is free if you're within 15 miles of Ipswich

  • within 15 to 20 miles of Ipswich, a delivery charge of £5 applies

  • for deliveries further away than 20 miles, please contact us for a quotation

  • minimum order of 3 barrow bags of firewood

Prices until 30th October:

  • 3 barrow bags - £127.80 (was £142)

  • 6 barrow bags - £243 (was £270)

  • 10 barrow bags - £359.10 (was £399)

  • 20 barrow bags - £674.10 (was £749)

  • all prices include 5% VAT